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          Do you have an awesome mixed-breed dog? 

As an AKC licensed ALL BREED club GKC honors the All American Dog (mix breed). Many members own pure breed dogand many members enjoy sports and classes with their mix breed dogs. 


Did you know that you can register your All American Dog with the AKC and enjoy the benefits
of AKC membership?


All American Dogs can compete and title in any AKC event except conformation. This includes AKC events such as:


  • Agility

  • Rally

  • Scent Work


  • Obedience

  • Barn Hunt


They are also eligible for AKC Titles, specifically:


GKC offers training classes in many of these areas.  Are you interested in pursuing one of these where there are no classes?  No problem: There are members who are willing to share their experience and expertise with you so that you and your dog can get started!



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